Folkestone is being renovated into a vibrant seaside town.  Many people have made the move to live in a place where you can have the perfect work-life balance.  Daily exercise by the sea, in the sea or in the hills behind the town.  Enjoy your free time with fantastic food and drink venues, entertainment, live music and sport.  Come and find out what it’s like to live in Folkestone, from the people of Folkestone.

Stanley Robinson – Living History
Julia Elliott Brown – Entering The Folkestone Arena
National Coastwatch Institute – The Eyes Along The Coast
Holly Oluwo – Real Red Woman
Dog-Friendly Folkestone – A Whole Community
Dan to Dita – The Emergence Of A Drag Queen
Cool As Folke – Swapping The City For The Coast
Folkestone Haven – Supporting and Enabling the Community
Anita McKenzie – A Sense Of Place
Sunny Sands House – Living The Dream In Folkestone
Folkestone’s Environmental Conscience
Forest Bathing – Connecting To Nature
Take Up Space – Folkestone Women’s Forum
Charlie Phillips – Documentary King Of Folkestone
A Californian State-of-Mind – Rennies Seaside Modern
Dirk Seyfried – Photogenic Folkestone
Eddie Lock – Art And Memorabilia
Folkelife meets the Real Folkestone Mermaid – Georgina Baker
Zak Waters – Photographer
Zoe Gilbert – Author and Resident
Chalets On The Beach – Folkestone Beach Huts
Danny Boyle’s Flagship Beach for Pages of the Sea
TS Pelican – Tall Ship Pelican Of London
Folkestone’s Patron Saint – Finding Eanswythe
Georges House – R&R Laser-cut Jewellery
The First Black British Officer – Walter Tull
Little Amal – En Route Via Folkestone
The Great War – Folkestone during World War One
Installations by a Yarn Artist – Deborah Nash
The Rickard Sisters – A Creative Family
The Origins of the Unknown Warrior – The Edith Cavell Carriage
Bringing Up Baby – Family life in Folkestone
Community Radio at its best – Academy FM Folkestone
101 Reasons To Enjoy Living In Folkestone!
One of the best seaside towns in the UK – Folkestone
The Folkestone Miniaturist – Mike Perry
Samuel Plimsoll – The Sailors’ Friend
Folkestone Ladies Social Club – Connecting The Community
Meet The Wildes – Folkestone Families
Folkestone – From A Teenage Point Of View

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